Fittings & French Lingerie

Like most women, I enjoy a bra fitting about as much as I enjoy a 4am wakeup call. That was until I had a fitting at Simone Pérèle.

I'm absurdly lucky to have been asked to work with Simone Pérèle for the next few months, so when they asked me to visit their new Emporium store for a fitting, I politely obliged, but was quietly dreading it. Most of my memories of fittings involved visits to department stores, with women who poke and pull you around, while looking over their glasses & condescendingly telling you how wrong the bra you're wearing is. 

However when I arrived at the store, I was warmly greeted by Cecile, the most gorgeous French woman who made the visit a zillion times better than I'd expected. Rather than looking at me and assuming she knew my size and what I needed (like most fitters), she asked what size I wear and what styles I prefer. She then took me through a variety of style & design options based on what I'd told her, so I could choose what I'd like to try. From here, I tried on a few and Cecile simply checked the fit and straps for each, explaining the shape and how it provides support - no poking or prodding or awkwardness or me standing around topless for five minutes while she's waffling - just a professional making sure I'm wearing the right size then leaving me to decide. Heaven! 

Simone Perele lingerie Stylesnooperdan 1.jpg

I cannot stress how many times in the past, I've left a bra fitting with a style I really don't like but have bought purely because the 'fitter' has told me it's the one I should be wearing. This time I left with two different everyday styles that I actually really loved and feel great in. And for full discolsure, I was gifted one style, but I chose to buy the second style (and matching brief) as I already wear Simone Pérèle bras, so this was a good excuse to replace the old with the new. A good t-shirt bra is my daily go-to, but I don't want a daggy plain one - I mean you still want to feel good even when wearing the basics right? So I went with the Amour in deep charcoal and the Andora in caramel - both great t shirt bras that still feel like lingerie thanks to some lace detailing and fine fabrics.

Anyway, the point of the story is that, gone are the days of the awkward fitting that results in daggy bras - at least at Simone Pérèle anyway...

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Easily one of the best parts of the store - Adjustable lighting in the change room. These guys get it.

Easily one of the best parts of the store - Adjustable lighting in the change room. These guys get it.

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