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Gemma Watts is one of the very few beauty writers who's word I take as biblical. She's no bullshit, funny AF, unbelievably intelligent and also trés chic. If you don't know/follow her, then get on it!


What's in your bag? Not a lot! Sunnies, wallet, phone, lip balm and a little pen and pad. I carry surprisingly few beauty products given my job.

Where are you going now? It's an errand running day! I live in denim and a good blazer because I'm comfy but I feel like I still look like I've got my life together which is important because I'm seeing some of my clients today.

If you could only use three beauty items for the rest of your life, what would they be? I'd probably opt for skincare so then I wouldn't need to wear as much makeup! - A good SPF because then I can tick moisturiser and sun protection off in one hit. I love Mecca Superscreen 50+ - A thorough cleanser to get rid of all the crap that builds up during the day. I have so many favourites- Aspect Gentle Clean, Tatcha Oil Cleanser, Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and Paula's Choice Oil Cleanser are all amazing so one of them should do the trick. - I know I said skincare but maybe a bright lipstick to distract from how sad the rest of my face will look? Giorgio Armani make my favourite lippies.

What's a beauty myth you'd like to expose? There's so, so many. My biggest issue is when people see specific salon treatments being pushed on Instagram then rush out to have the same thing. Most treatments require more than one session before you see results, and different treatments work for different skin. Beauty isn't "one size fits all" so I think it's important to realise there's no one miracle cure for problem skin.


OUTFIT Jacket: Ellery Tee: Double Trouble Jeans: Asos Shoes: Zara Bag: Gucci Sunglasses: Soda Shades

What beauty salon/s would you recommend for skincare & facials? I visit Fiona at MySkin Eastland every 5 weeks for a Vitamin Infusion and light peel, which I've been doing for around two years. I love a good laser clinic because I'm not into fluffy facials (I'm sure they're very relaxing but if there's no active ingredients involved you may as well just be massaging your face), and Fiona really understands what my skin needs so she tailors my treatments to suit. I think it's really important to see a dermal clinician who understands your skin type. SKN by Jane Marshall is a salon in Carlton that has opened just recently and it's AMAZING. I visited Jane a couple of weeks ago for a DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment and it's one of the few treatments where I actually was able to see a difference immediately. It's a complementary treatment to the regular peels and infusions I already get so it didn't interfere with my current skin cycle.

What IG accounts are you currently loving to follow?@violette_fr - I fell in love with her videos a couple of years ago because her approach to makeup is so unique, and last year she was appointed the Estee Lauder Global Beauty Director so she gives her followers a bit of a behind the scenes look at product development. @theaccords - No one knows fragrance like Rosalind. The way she describes perfumes is genius and I've honestly learnt so much just from following her. @ohuprettythings - I only stumbled across this account recently but she's an amazing product photographer and she talks about makeup and skincare in the most refreshing, honest way.

Gemma Watts Stylesnooperdan
Gemma Watts Stylesnooperdan

What are your next three beauty purchases? I have enough cosmetics to last me a lifetime so my purchases are always really boring! I just need to restock a few things! - I need some more NuFace primer to use with my machine (it's sort of a DIY facelifting machine- it tones everything, like regular exercising would do for your body, but this exercised your face... which sounds crazy but it works) - Probably some more muslin cloths for cleansing. - I want a good clear lip gloss because I have a shoot next week and I want to try glossy eyelids on one of the models! Mecca have one that looks the goods, I think it's by Surratt.

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