Lounge Life


Anyone who's moved into a new home and says they didn't get obsessed with interior decorating is surely lying. How can you not? How can you not get sucked into a 27-hours-straight pinterest vortex?

Eventhough I moved into my current apartment two and half years ago, I've only recently started to find my feet when it comes to setting it up how I actually want it. You see when I first moved, I fell into the Kmart styling trap - don't get me wrong, Kmart is the shizz for cheap trend-based homewares and I still love finding little gems there but it's not where everything in your house should be from and it's not where you'll find your forever pieces. Lounge Lovers was recently that place for me - the maker of my new Hampton sofa, the new centrepiece of my teeny tiny apartment and by far the comfiest couch I've ever sat/slept on. I now had the key piece in my room which I could work everything else around.

Another fatal error I made when I first moved in, was getting everything in black or white. This ended up meaning my place lacked some serious soul and looked about as inviting as a cold shower. As someone who has always loved colour, I decided it was time to bring the life back to my place, so I started with this amazing rug (also from Lounge Lovers) and this burnt orange ottoman (picked up from a friend who was selling it #lucky). From there I just worked with what I had, including a bunch of my un-hung prints which finally found their way to my wall.

So what's next? Well first up my coffee table desperately needs to replaced so holler if you've got any suggestions. And then it's time to turn my attention the other side of the room where my desk is so stay tuned if you like listening to my interiors waffle that is...


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