Makeup Brush School



'A makeup artist is only as good as their brushes. Fact.'

While everyone has their own tips and tricks on how to use cotton tips, plastic applicators and even their fingers, nothing beats brushes when it comes to makeup application. Here's why:

1. They'll help your makeup last longer.
2. You'll actually be able to blend properly, thus avoiding that attractive foundation line commonly seen on the jawline.
3. Brushes make seemingly complex eye makeup a cinch.

'Yeah but which ones do I actually need?'

Glad you asked my friend, because there are as many brushes out there these days as there are flower crowns at Coachella - a LOT. But these are the ones worth investing in, and yes I do mean investing because brushes ain't cheap - so don't be tempted by those cheap-ass plastic things you find in pharmacies. When it comes to brushes you pay for what you get, so spend a little more, treat them with some serious after-5pm love and they'll be good to you for years and years.



(in my opinion)



A good selection of powder brushes is a good option as you want to avoid using the same brush for all your powder products (unless you have incredible discipline and thoroughly clean the brush between applying your setting powder, bronzer and blush. Yeah, I didn't think so). ESSENTIALS: A powder brush, a bronzer brush and a blush brush.


M.A.C 150 Large powder brush | Mecca Cosmetica All over finishing brush | Hourglass No.2 Foundation/Blush brush
SPLURGE (it's worth it) - La Mer Powder brush from Mecca Cosmetica



By far the biggest complaint people tend to have around makeup, is their foundation not lasting. Applying with a foundation brush is the first step towards combating this. Your application will not only last longer but will be more even and less likely to look cakey. Unless being a cakeface is your thing, then power to you.


M.A.C 190 Foundation brush | Bobbi Brown Foundation brush Mecca Cosmetica Foundation brush



A good buffing & angled brush is a must for applying illuminators (powder & cream), cream blush and anything else that you don't want swept all over your face. These brushes allow you to be much more precise with your application so are ideal for contouring.


M.A.C 168 Large angled contour brush M.A.C 188 Small duo fibre brush Laura Mercier Angled contour brush



Flat eye colour brushes are used to apply your eye shadow evenly across the lid. Look for brushes with domed edges and firm bristles, as these will hold more colour and ensure you don't sweep your fav blue eye shadow all over your face. A flat edge brush is ideal for applying shadow like liner, under the eye. These brushes work hand in hand with the blending brushes we'll talk about next.


M.A.C 212 Flat definer brush M.A.C 242 Shader brush | M.A.C 252 Large shader brush



These will probably end being your fav brushes as they will basically solve all your problems. These guys are used to blend and smooth out the edges of your eye colour so look for brushes with soft, flexible bristles.


M.A.C 224 Tapered blending brush | M.A.C 217 Blending brush | Mecca Cosmetica Eye blending brush


the quiet achievers

There's a few brushes going around that are seriously under-rated because they look a bit scary. But these two are set to become your BFF once I tell you what to do with them. The angled eye brush is your ultimate wingman for liquid liner. Using a gel/cream consistency, it makes applying the perfectly smooth line a breeze. This little fan brush (sadly, I've just realised was a limited edition, but I'll tell you about it anyway in case it ever makes a comeback) is used to seperate your lashes, after you've applied your mascara! Clunky, spidery lashes be gone!


M.A.C 208 Angled brush | Mecca Cosmetica Fool-proof liner brush



If you take nothing away from this post, please please at least take this:

You must clean your brushes. You need brush cleaner. You must not be gross & wonder why your foundation isn't going on smoothly when you're trying to apply it with a festy 3-week old dirty foundation brush. You will thank me.


Mecca Cosmetic Brush cleaner | M.A.C Brush cleaner


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Tell me what brushes you swear by in the comments :)