The List: Tee Time

Sneakers, jeans and tee is somewhat of a uniform for me (especially when shooting) so naturally, I'm always adding to my collection of these staples. 2017 may very well be the year of the throwback (really though, which year hasn't had some sort of throwback come up) with the logo tee once again making it's way back to the cool side of the fence. When I posted the Gucci tee on insta the other night, it unsurprisingly attracted a lot of interest, so for those of you in the market for a cool tee, this list should get you going. And if you still want the cream gucci tee as seen on just about everyone and anyone, get it here.[show_ms_widget id="35969799" image_id="41823507" width="1024" height="1600"]

The Great Palm tee | Être Cécile Good Times tee | Gucci tee | Givenchy tee | Isabel Marant Étoile Kolda tee | Gucci embroidered tee | Coach Car print tee | Marc Jacobs tee | Isabel Marant Étoile Dewel tee | Madeworn Rolling Stones tee