Realising Stuff

Everywhere I turn everyone is wishing away 2016 like it was some sort of 365 day hangover, but for me, I've gotta say it was pretty AOK. Yes the world got a little nastier and a little sadder at times, but I'm a glass half full kinda girl so while a lot of sucky stuff went on, I'm all about the good mems (and memes for that matter too. I still can't get enough of the Willy Wonka memes & Chad from Nickelback singing 'look at this graph'). Stylesnooperdan Paris

Me in Paris in September looking off in the distance 'realising stuff' - like maybe Canadian tuxedos aren't cool?

But one thing that I am happy to leave in 2016 is my neglect for this, my blog. When I started blogging it was solely for myself and for a long time (no one followed it or subscribed to it then) it was an outlet and it was fun. Then came the speedy growth of social media and instablogging & I found myself swept up in this haze of trying to keep up, and for what? To fit in? To project a highly stylised image of my life? To end up becoming a #spon shallow vessel? Nah thanks, none of that had ever been my motivator and if anything, was actually contributing to the lack of motivation for my blog. I realised it was time to recalibrate. Was it time to ditch it or work it?

I chose the latter.

Working full time while also maintaining a blog ain't easy, but reminding myself why I do is. And as such, I hereby make a recommitment to my blog for 2017 - "Hurrah" I hear you all (translate: my mum and my best friend) cry! I can't promise to click bait you every 45 minutes on insta but I can promise I'll be around a lot more...

So let's go 2017, we've got a lot to talk about...

Stylesnooperdan champagne new years eve 2016