A MSFW Night in Ballarat

I grew up holidaying in Ballarat almost every break so when the lovely peeps from Visit Ballarat invited me to their MSFW series, I was dang excited to head back and this time I took my man with me. After we checked in at Ballarat Premier Apartments, we hightailed it to Mitchell Harris Wine Bar (thanks for the recommendation Visit Ballarat) for what turned out to be one of the best lunches I've had in aggggeeesss. I'm talking grilled haloumi salad, olive salted edamame and pork belly with sticky salted caramel sauce - feel me? Add in a few glasses of the locally made rosΓ© and we were ready to settle in and stay for the day. After probably one too many, we headed to the show and spotted the lovely Tash & Elle from They All Hate Us on the way.

Showcasing some of our best Australian designers including Dion Lee, Nevenka and Thurley the MSFW Ballarat series runway was the first of it's kind, proving that there's more to local fashion than just what Melbourne has to offer. Post-show, we went back to Mitchell Harris (yes we did, again, on the same day - because it's that good) polished off some more wine and ended our night on a cosy high...


WHAT: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Ballarat Edition
WHERE: Ballarat Premier Apartments
WHEN: 9th - 11th September 2016
WOULD I STAY AGAIN? Absolutely! The rooms at Ballarat Premier Apartments are luxe and so perfect to snuggle into on a winters night.