Filter Free: Bianca O'Neil

As the Editor of The Urban List Melbourne, (the go-to for anyone wanting to know how-to-do-life, basically) Bianca O'Neill certainly knows her food, fashion and pop culture so why wouldn't we want to know more about her...

Bianca O'Neill

Occupation: Slashie Instagram:@_thesecondrow, @yummelbourne for food, & @_thetravellist for travel.
Website/Blog:The Urban List Melbourne (editor), (blogger)


I can't function without My phone. Oh god, I’m so addicted.

My current high rotation wardrobe pieces are My white Zara blazer (goes with everything in summer), my Ksubi black skinnies that ripped on their own… and I should totally throw out because they’re 100% not public-appropriate.

The Insta accounts I secretly stalk/am obsessed with are Girls with gluten. The Swimming Pigs, because, swimming pigs. Desperate for @hownotto to come back from their slumber, somewhere.

The best part about my job is? If you’re talking editor-wise, seeing amazing young writers doing their thing and having a cool, unique voice. If you’re talking blogger-wise, saying whatever the fuck I want online because I don’t sell ads or instagram posts.

My partner/friends hate when I don’t credit them for taking my photo, but then complain when other people regram me without a credit. Ha!

My hair salon go to is whoever will change my colour dramatically in one sitting without giving me ‘the talk’.

The part of pop culture I wish would just go away is Journalists writing moral outrage articles about a tweet.My mum always said Fare bella figura.

My fashion no no is Anything you don’t feel comfortable in.

My celeb crush when I was a teenager was Anthony Kiedis.

I wear activewear When I go to the gym.

My fav holiday destination is anywhere I’ve never been before, but always via Bangkok because every time I get asked where I bought something I’m wearing, I find myself replying ‘it was $15 from a little designer market in Bangkok.’ The people are gorgeous, and the hustle is real. Also, the street food, oh god, the food.

The most daring thing I've ever done is get hitched by Elvis in Vegas without telling anyone.

My page 1 Apps are Instagram, FB, tram tracker, spotify, flipboard. Which is also, incidentally, my morning ritual.

Take me to a bar & I order a Shaken patron margarita, no salt or a dirty belvedere martini with three olives.

When I feel like I need some culture I Walk through the NGV free exhibitions.

New York or Paris New York.

In my makeup bag is Some moths?

People wouldn't expect I have a chemical engineering bachelors degree, and did a junior scholarship with the CSIRO in astrophysics at the Narrabri telescope.

My fav dinner spot is cooking at home.

I waste too much time on social media.

This time next year I swear I’ll stop drinking every day.

The worst thing I've ever worn is everything before 2001. Or 2015?

At Karaoke, I would sing Don’t Speak, No Doubt.

If I could tell my 15 year-old self something, it would be Don’t do that engineering degree. Engineers are dicks.

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