I'm a Hunter

hunter-boots-princess-dianaWhen someone says to me, 'Dress appropriately - you know for the weather' I innately roll my eyes and purse my lips while considering the boringness associated with such a concept. You see dressing for the weather (sensibly) usually means embracing something boring or basic given that practicality tends to cancel out any fashionibilty. There are a few exceptions to this generalisation of mine, one of which is a pair Hunter boots. Hunter boots are epically cool. The end. No not really the end, but gumboots, wellingtons or whatever you like to call them, Hunter - the British maker of the boots - are the real deal, making their first boots over 150 years ago before making the successful transition from 'practical product maker' to 'must have gumboot brand'. Helped along by plenty of celeb endorsement over time, Hunter boots are now a wardrobe must-have given Kate Moss, Princess Diana & VB are all early adopters. I'm pleased to say I got mine just this week and I am proud as punch!

I went with the black original style but could have easily gone in for a few extra pairs; the navy and army green were both kinda calling my name but my inner Melbournian prevailed hence ending up with black. If like me, you've ummed and ahhed about getting yourself some Hunter's for a while now, then ponder no more! Hit up their site here and use my code: 'Snooper' at the checkout for 10% off! As if you wouldn't! #bringonthepuddles

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