5 things I learnt at Fashion Week

Fashion Week Australia. Where the industries best, worst and mediocre descend upon Sydney to critique collections, designers and basically each other. Let me tell you what went on and basically what I learnt at fashion week this year. mbfwa 15 streetstyle stylesnooperdan

1. The shows don't start until the key editors have arrived. Now this might sound like one of those la-di-da fashion week stories, but from actual on-the-ground experience I can tell you this is 100% true. Unlike international fashion weeks (so I've been told), the shows at Fashion Week Australia pretty much all run late and are held back for certain people, most noticebly Edwina Mc Cann & Christine Centenera of Vogue Australia. Now you see the reason I know this is because, while patiently waiting for a show to start (40 minutes after it's scheduled time) a PR girl filled the empty seat next me, frantically calling colleagues claiming 'I can't see Christine, I don't know if she's here. We can't start'. Panic stricken as the poor girl was, the show (thankfully) began shortly after.

2. The costume change is still alive We all hear about the Anna's  (Dello Russo) & Chiara's (Ferragni) at the international fashion weeks, madly changing their outfit in between shows, sometimes 3 or even 4 times a day, but I didn't really expect to see much costume changing at MBFWA, but I was wrong. It was happening. A lot. And while I'm all for a costume change, the odd thing was that when changing, some peeps weren't even changing into an outfit by the designer to whose show they were going (which I thought was the sole reason for getting changed). As such, who & what were they changing for? The street photogs thats who. An interesting plight me thinks...

3. It's all about the models I've always known this about street photography but this year it was more apparent than ever. Aside from major publication editors (like Christine Centenera) and celebs (like Erin Heatherton) the only peeps who really get the street photogs up and running are the models. Like predators spotting their prey, they run to get the best candid shot of the long leggy-off-duty beauties who are usually running from one show to another with their last shows hair and makeup still in tact. When asked why, I put it down to the models being some of the only people at fashion week who haven't dressed for the occasion, meaning they are in their everyday attire making them some of the most authentic 'streetstyle' objects. If you know what I mean?

MBFWA 15 Streetstyle stylesnooperdan

4. The atmosphere & set is important In a world of constantly rising expectations, the shows that shone brighter the rest at fashion week were those with amazing, exciting and beautiful sets. From Aje's candle lit raw runway to Maticevski's white wall dream, it was all about supporting the collections through a continued message via the ambience and overall experience of the shows. Take Ten Pieces and their stellar show at Bondi's Icebergs (which basically won fashion week) where I overheard one show-goer say 'It doesn't matter that the clothes are boring, look how good the show was'. Hmm, maybe a tad harsh, but a good point to support my argument about the importance of investing in a social media friendly set. And when you empty out Bondi's iconic pool in order to set your frow up there, you know you're on to a winner.


5. The risk of wearing the same thing as someone else is real When attending a designer show, the traditional etiquette is to wear something by that designer, whether it be from an old collection or if you just so happen to be besties with the designer, something from the collection they are actually showing. The occupational hazard with this is that the chances of another show goer wearing the same thing as you, are incredibly high, meaning you need to be a bit creative with how you wear the pieces and avoid wearing them 'as styled' straight off the runway. This hazard happened this year on day 3 to a couple of the highest profile show goers who both chose to wear Louis Vuitton to the Maticevski show: Christine Centenera and Roxy Jacenko. The only difference was that Christine wore her look with blue LV boots and Roxy wore hers with shiny patent pumps and accessorised with her daughter. Who wore it better?

All images by me! © stylesnooperdan