Balenciaga AW15

Alexander Wang said he looked to the women who Cristóbal Balenciaga originally designed for back in the 40's & 50's; the women of privilege, as his inspiration for this AW15 collection and while the silhouettes and shapes were true to this, the update for todays women of privilege came via the details.Unexpected metallic fabrics of chain and metal cinched in waists while thick belts of ink black leather acted as straps and collars, adorning garments as accessories in addition to being functional. This is by far my favourite collection of the season thanks to Wang's ability to merge modern almost street-like cool with sophisticated classic shapes. It has resulted in the ideal collection for todays fashion savvy consumer and understanding this is something Wang is becoming increasingly good at with his Balenciaga collections. And can we just give the plaid runway a quick shout out too, cos it's ace. Oh and the ear candy too #obsessed...

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