Fendi Fall 2015

Karl has looked to the new headquarters of Fendi in Rome for inspiration in this collection, which also takes many direct cues from the Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp. Impeccable tailoring is a given at Fendi but this new level of structure in layered silhouettes is a whole new thing, with perfectly curved leather layers cutting incredible shapes that not only feel modern but also actually, ready to wear. With snuggle worthy furs and designed for comfort dressing, the collection is fierce and the Fendi girl this year is chic as always but also quite refined and modern. I love her and kinda wanna be her... FEN_0987 FEN_0969 FEN_0929 FEN_0871 FEN_0831 FEN_0787 FEN_0773 FEN_0731 FEN_0681 FEN_0659 FEN_0641 FEN_0579 FEN_0419 FEN_0393 FEN_0363 FEN_0347 FEN_0313 FEN_0299 FEN_0263 FEN_0245 FEN_0225 FEN_0147 FEN_0125 FEN_0091 FEN_0073 FEN_0057 FEN_0039