Dion Lee Fall 15

Slick and mature, this is by far the most refined and restrained collection we've seen from Dion Lee in some time. His woman for fall is self assured and wants to avoid all the fuss of seasons past, she wants to keep it simple and sexy. Lee's signature slicing worked back perfectly with his choice of softer slinkier fabrics, creating a more sultry silhouette featuring ribboning as a texture. There were also elements of this offering that felt quite New York in the puffers and wrapped & sliced skinny pants. High point for me was the black low cut dress, a staple piece without doubt while the few sculptural pieces that were there, really did keep the collection flowing nicely. I really love this collection from Dion Lee and really appreciate his more relaxed vibe for winter. MARC0487 MARC0469 MARC0455 MARC0429 MARC0413 MARC0389 MARC0377 MARC0337 MARC0317 MARC0271 MARC0249 MARC0229 MARC0207 MARC0187 MARC0173 MARC0153 MARC0119 MARC0101 MARC0081 MARC0065 MARC0049 MARC0033 MARC0015

Pics: style.com