Alexander Wang Fall 2015

_GAS0016Ravers rejoice! Finally someone has stumbled across you and decided you're muse-worthy. And if anyone was going to do it, it was always going to be Alexander Wang, wasn't it. No one else (maybe Celine) could send mega platform chunky buckled boots down the runway without fear of being instantly shunned from all future Faashuun events. But Wang did and has done so with such conviction, that it will be undoubtedly celebrated. Me personally, not so into the footwear or the 90's been out all night beauty look, but definitely into the return of the Wang blacks, the colour where I believe he's at his best.. Opening look has to be my fav because I do love me a blazer but also because the stunning Australian model Astrid Holler was chosen to open the show. Once you get past the severe raver styling and heroine chic beauty look the clothes are actually really beautiful and could be easily injected into the wardrobes of most women. The chunky white knits will be huge for winter while any Wang leathers will fly out the door.

Embellishment on and around edgings added interest and served as somewhat of an accessory, particularly in those high neck pieces. As a collection, once going below the surface, I love. Simple, black and easy wearing. I'm about that.

_AG13170 WAN_0053 WAN_0079 WAN_0093 _AG13230 WAN_0133 WAN_0159 WAN_0179 WAN_0191 WAN_0233 WAN_0255 _GAS0201 WAN_0269 WAN_0295 WAN_0321 _AG13262 WAN_0337 WAN_0375 WAN_0399 _AG13461 WAN_0439 WAN_0469 WAN_0499 WAN_0533 WAN_0581 WAN_0597 WAN_0611 WAN_0629 WAN_0647 WAN_0663 WAN_0685 _AG13584 WAN_0697