Christian Dior Spring 15 Couture

Pretty ladylike Dior heritage was challenged, but not dismissed in this Raf Simons couture collection for Dior, with his desire to move forward more evident than ever before. Inspired by Bowie, this collection covered off elements of many decades including the shapes of the 60's, the bold new fabrics of the 70's and of course the stepford style silhouettes of the 50's. The set itself even signified a work in progress, with guests invited to sit amongst the white scaffolding indicating Simons' openness about his forward plans for the house of Dior. CHRISTIAN DIOR DIO_1240 DIO_1200 CHRISTIAN DIOR DIO_1188 DIO_1174 DIO_1162 dior-ponytail-side-view DIO_1128 DIO_1086 DIO_1078 DIO_1028 DIO_0964 DIO_0908 CHRISTIAN DIOR DIO_0878 DIO_0806 DIO_0776 DIO_0734 DIO_0708 DIO_0680 DIO_0636 DIO_0612 DIO_0586 DIO_0554 DIO_0528 DIO_0506 DIO_0456 DIO_0396 dior-ponytail-closeup DIO_0384 DIO_0350 DIO_0300 DIO_0278 DIO_0238 DIO_0184 DIO_0164 DIO_0150 DIO_0106 CHRISTIAN DIOR