The Knitwear Double-Up

JT2_1884When the Celine crew send something down their runway, I imagine that they sit back coyly and comfortably chewing on cigars, high fiving each other, safe in the knowledge that no matter how ridiculous or how unflattering it might be, it will still set a trend that will seep all the way down the fashion food chain and inadvertently make them squillions of dollars. Consider the flat sandal for instance - which has still got legs in the high street space, 2 years later - the painterly print which is still making it's way into the high street (thankfully packing up sending digi prints well on their way) and now they've given us the knit tracksuit. You know, the fitted knit top paired with the overly long & flared knit pant, otherwise known as 'Knit Loungewear', a big are for fashion in the last year, with both Stella Mc & Marc Jacobs playing in this area too. Now while this may already be happening in the north, down here in the south we need to pay attention as with summer winding down, AW collections are about to land and this tredn is probably something we need to face. So my question to you is: how brave are you & will you do it? The double knit that is?

For me, I say no. Not because I don't want to (as if you wouldn't want to get around in a knit trackie in winter while hashtagging and passing it off as #couture as you go, duh!) but because my little potato frame will struggle to pull this look off thanks to my mum and dads five foot three genes. If I'm being completely honest though, the pants do seem to interest me most, probably because I'm seeing the swedes do them with stans and I'm really about that, so I will give it a red hot go (in the change room) if and when it does arrive here (Zara, I'm talking to you). Will you?

If you're still not convinced, for us shortstops, we might be able to embrace the oversized slouch knit to wear with skinny jeans or something else a bit normcore - not leggings- so just get in there and give it a go I say. For those not so vertically challenged, to properly master this look, the key is the silhouette which is long and lean. Pants should be fitted but relaxed & slightly flared from the knee down. Tops should be super long and the sleeves even longer. If you struggle to find your hands as they're lost somewhere in your sleeves, then you've nailed it, go you. And don't forget to wear with your sneaks for that thrown on 'I don't care how I look look. And just like that, you're knit loungewear look is perfection.


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