So, how did you go at the sales?


By now, the dizzying highs of the post Christmas sales are pretty much over. All the remotely good stock is gone and lonely half empty racks line store walls while sad tables full of size 41 floral ballet flats & easy steppers remain untouched in the shoe department. This is the post sale lull, otherwise known as 'downtime' for us shoppers, a time to reflect on our purchases and time to return those things we know we didn't need but bought anyway just because they were 40% off. So, how did I go at the sales? Well, honestly, I actually didn't go...

You see while the rest of the world has been in retail heaven thanks to the sales, I have been in fashion limbo. An annual and awful time that exists in between sartorial seasons where all that remains on shopfloors are the dregs of seasons past. Don't get me wrong I'm all for a bargain but generally speaking, this is not the time I find one and heres why:

First and foremost, unless we're talking manchester & homewares, the so called 'amazing' sale stock is really just the ugly stuff that didn't sell during the season. Case in point: Zara. This isn't my opinion, this is fact. Full stop. And if by some miracle you do find that gem in amongst all the riff raff, the chances of your size being there are slim to none. And speaking of riff raff, I refer to your fellow shoppers, who are more like competitors during a day out sale shopping. These are the people who flock to the large red garish signs that scream 'SALE' at you, catalogue in one hand and coupons in the other. These people mean business and will not hesitate to drain everyone around them while they try on 37 items in the change room, testing the patience of the shop assistant who has to continually swap out their items while also managing a line of restless waiting shoppers plus 10 other change rooms. Having spent 15 years in retail, I'm quite familiar with these people. Can you tell?

So in saying all this, it's quite evident that I haven't hit the shops hard over the last few weeks, instead choosing to peruse the sales at a distance, by which I mean shopping online, obviously. The modern, easy & chic (read: in pyjamas on the couch with my ipad & cup of milo) way to really shop the sales. So until new collections begin to properly drop (usually late Jan/early Feb) we'll just have to sit back and wait, and maybe get our retail hit at the local supermarket instead #redspotspecials if it's good enough for Karl, it's good enough for me!


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