Remember the soly?

A new year means aspirational resolutions, fresh starts and new regimes. While these usually relate to exercise and healthy eating, for many of us here in Australia, this year will see the introduction of a fake tan regime into our everyday lives and to be honest, this scares me because for this, I'm not prepared. You see here in Victoria, the commercial use of solariums were made illegal as of December 31, 2014, (sitting in line with most other states in Australia) leaving hoards of women (and men for that matter) to restlessly and helplessly watch as their usual year-long-tan, slowly disappears. While I actually support this move by the govt. and the notion of being sun smart and doing what's needed to help avoid melanoma & any skin cancer, I must ask: What does this new no-soly world mean to us? I'll tell you what it means: Fake Tan...

Ohh how I shudder at the thought. Even the term 'fake tan' makes me want to momentarily ditch the tan, adopt the porcelain skin look and embrace Julia Nobis as my new pin up girl, but then I remember feeling zillion times better when slightly tanned, and I quickly swap out my Julia poster with the old JLo poster once again.

Maybe it's just because I've watched too many episodes of Geordie Shore and Snog Marry Avoid but when I think of fake tan, my mind conjures up images of streaky suburban legs, patchy orange ankle jobs and Oompa Loompa stained hands. A spray tan doesn't seem to hold much hope either; drip stained brorange skin with tan clinging messily to every darkened pore, not to mention the highly attractive stage you go through as the tan begins to wash off.


So peeps, with really no other option (unless a quarterly 3 week trip to the Greek Islands is within your financial perimeter - then good for you), we need to get good at fake tanning stat. In order to help this process, over the next few months I will be road testing a whole bunch of fake tans to sort the good from the not so good. I'll even go through how to prep properly and I'll check in from time to time to tell you where I'm at, so keep it tuned here. And don't worry peeps, we're going through this detox process together #grouphug

Until then, if the suns out, then get out and make the most of it! Just don't forget to slip slop slap!


This post is dedicated to one of my beautiful best friends, Leah xx

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