A word from your blogger...

Nearly three years ago on a monday morning, while watching the Oscars I sat down at my computer, created a blogger account and wrote my first ever blog post; a red carpet review of Oscar gowns. It was basically me writing down my thoughts exactly as I would say them if in an actual conversation. The words came so quickly, so easily and I loved sharing my thoughts, so I began writing a few more posts on various topics.But as I pondered each day what to write about, fashion came up consistently and I began posting only about fashion (something I can always talk about) focusing on inspiration posts (daily) peppered with runway reviews, trend callouts etc. This quickly became a daily grind of inspo posting. This was almost three years ago. A lot has changed since then and the world has evolved.

So it's time for Stylesnooperdan to evolve too.

Like many bloggers, I fell victim to the need to pigeonhole myself and blogcel (excel at blogging) at one thing, one topic but in reality there's a whole bunch of stuff I want to blog about and share. I'm not a flawless style blogger selfieing my way around the world on sponsored posts and feel sure I never will be. I'm pretty normal, I work full time (ironically also as a blogger) and I jump at any opportunity to get my camera out and shoot people & places. Only a few months back a friend of mine asked why I don't post about makeup or beauty (Little known fact about me: I'm a fully qualified makeup artist & have worked for M.A.C, Becca & Laura Mercier in the past) and I couldn't really give a straight answer, because why haven't I? I love makeup, I wear makeup everyday and I know what to do with it. So why wouldn't I post about it? This simple question seemed to turn a lightbulb on in my head. Stylesnooperdan is my blog & outlet but funnily enough, I've thus far kept myself and my life pretty much, right out of it for fear of no one being interested.

But I figure it's time to feel the fear and do it anyway. So while I absolutely adore fashion, I've fortunately got more to talk about than just fashion alone so, 2015 marks an exciting time for Stylesnooperdan as it becomes a true personal blog, a style & inspiration space where anything goes. Over the next few months, you'll see new categories & new things happening here in addition to what Stylesnooperdan has always been about, fashion & style, which will always remain.

I'm excited, nervous and then excited again. I hope you like this bigger, fuller world of Stylesnooperdan!