No mirror, no mates?

As I trudged up the hill away from Flemington racecourse the other day, I happened to be walking behind two lasses who had obviously also suffered through a tough, hot and windy day, all in the name of a day at the races. Both had succumbed to the wishes of their feet and were carrying their shoes in their hands (which I obviously wanted to do but absolutely did not do) and despite my strong feelings about this, this is not the primary reason I feel compelled to tell this story. You see lovely lassie #2 had opted for a short and floaty floral tunic which flowed freely up and above her waist, giving my man and I along with at least another 30 people behind us, a good close up of her beige undies with each step she took.Now aside from the obvious; how do you not feel your dress being blown up way above your head question, my main concern was with lassie #1 who offered no support or even acknowledgement of the situation, which made me wonder: Do we as women secretly want our friends to look bad?

'Surely not' all the girls in the back yell - but sadly, if the Spring Racing Carnival last week is anything to go by, then I fear this might be an ugly truth. You see it's well documented and quoted, that more often than not women dress for women and not for men. When putting an outfit together for an occasion, we all seek one-another's encouragement and approval and then hope & pray for the gushes of compliments from fellow women when donning the aforementioned outfit on the occasion. So I wonder then, why is it that so many fembots get it so wrong on the day, the races being a prime example? After some thought, I gotta say, I kinda put it down to so called 'friends' because at the end of the day, they are your walking talking all day mirror, and should technically be held responsible for any outfit/makeup/hair malfunction that you may suffer. And if you happen to find yourself out and about minus said friends, then surely you should be able to rely on the basic female code. On no more than two occasions on saturday, did I help a sister out and do the obligatory 'rub of the tongue on the teeth' to which both responded immediately by mimicking my action and then hugging/thanking me before pulling out their compact to ensure no lippie remained on their teeth and it was as simple as that- minimal communication required to make a helpful point which was emphatically embraced and appreciated by receivers.

So basically what I'm trying to say, is be kind! No one wants to be the 'No mirror No mates' girl so look out for your friends and don't let them be/become Lassie #2, because well, gross!


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