Derby Day Style

For those of you not familiar with the Melbourne Cup Carnival, it's basically a week long horse racing bonanza that rolls on for 4 out of 7 days in usually the first week of November. While the racing of the cup itself on Tuesday is the supposed highlight of the week, when it comes to 'who's wearing what', Derby does tend to take the cake a bit and yesterday was no exception.

Winds blew heavy & hard, rain continually teased/scared racegoers but could not defeat the mighty crowds who remained firm and focused in presenting themselves in their black and white best. Derby is traditionally a day for style-a-la-monochrome and to be honest if you refuse to adhere, you're actually kinda annoying and as far as I'm concerned, deserve any looks of disdain you may receive, because no one is bigger than the event itself, so stick to the traditions and for everyone's sake keep your shoes on.

Anyhoo, enough bout that, lets talk outfits. The flouncy traditional full skirt was happening every which way you looked, with a healthy portion coming straight from the rooms of Toni Maticevski, the king of structured brilliance. On the other hand, slimfit was also happening with a longer sleeve and textured finishes. Jen Hawkins rocked a tight (like don't even look at pasta) low cut black lace Alex Perry and Lindy Klim, who was a personal fav for me, st-unnnnnn-ing in a long sleeve Dolce & Gabbana lace sitch. But anyway lets just get into the pics, oh and I may or may not be spotted in the background of one of these pics, depends how sharp your eyes are!

Jennifer-Hawkins Kate-Waterhouse Jodi-Anasta-Laura-Dundovic Hamish-Blake-Zoe-Foster-Blake Ashley-Hart

derby-day-couturing Nikki-Phillips-Rebeccah-Panozza Kate-Peck 345250-58208a6a-6182-11e4-a822-f0e45dcacc2e 337458-607708a4-617f-11e4-a822-f0e45dcacc2e Rachael-Finch

Pics from: Daily Mail, Pop Sugar, Myer Blog, Couturing