Givenchy SS15

Paris is where it's for me this season and this Givenchy collection is why. Riccardo has returned to his inner rock cool roots and created an entire collection of IT girl cool clothes. Goth lace, tick. Thigh highs requiring a daily 2 hour spin classes, tick. Sexy-yesteryear-borderline-fetish style corset, tick. And it really does, tick all the boxes that is. I love this collection, and yes I've said others are my fav but this one trumps even those. With leather to go and slick sharp everything, this is a deadset winning offering from Givenchy.

_AG18424 _MON0834 _A2X1572 _MON0817 _AG18409 _MON0807 _MON0788 _MON0766 _MON0748 _MON0733 _AG18304 _MON0705 _MON0694 _MON0651 _A2X1273 _MON0634 _A2X1527 _MON0622 _MON0604 _MON0581 _MON0568 _MON0534 _MON0520 _MON0494 _MON0455 _MON0433 _A2X0098 _MON0420 _MON0411 _AG18154 _MON0393 _MON0360 _MON0346 _MON0330 (1) _MON0330 _MON0317 _A2X0620 _MON0309 _AG18093 _MON0303 _MON0293 _MON0263 _AG17946 _AG18055 _MON0247 _A2X0372 _MON0237 _A2X0473 _MON0218 _MON0200 _MON0186 _A2X0317 _AG18176 _MON0172 _AG17987 _MON0158 _MON0112 _A2X0190 _MON0094 _MON0077 _MON0065 _A2X0904 _MON0031 _MON0016 pics from